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Life Testing – Guardian Extreme Tags & Signs

Chemical Testing
Guardian Extreme Tags and Signs have been tested using the widely used Liquid Penetrant Inspection test with over 30 chemicals found in facilities.

Download a pdf with greater detail on the test procedure and a listing of the 30+ chemicals used.

Ultraviolet UV Testing
Guardian Extreme Tags and Signs are ideal for use outdoors. In QUV environmental testing, Guardian Extreme lasted over 4000 hours, which is equivalent to over 10 years of outdoor exposure. No other signs lasts this long.

QUV is a test procedure popular with automotive companies. The product is subjected to a cycle of intense ultraviolet radiation followed by moisture exposure by condensation. This cycle is then repeated over and over. The tests are intended to reproduce the damage caused by sunlight, rain and condensed surface moisture. Master Lock´s Guardian Extreme™ tags and signs have been tested to 4000 hours of this destructive environmental test.

Download a pdf with greater detail on the test procedure.

Paint can be easily removed from Guardian Extreme Signs. Just use Graffiti/Paint Remover. Spray it on and immediately wipe it off. Paint comes right off and Guardian Extreme sign looks just like new.

See how well Guardian Extreme cleans up.

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