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Register a Keying System

How to Choose a Safety Padlock

It is important that each employee at a site has a padlock key that is unique. To help prevent duplicate keys from jeapordizing your lockout program register your site with Master Lock. Once registered, Master Lock will send you a User Identification Number. By using that I.D. number each time you order additional padlocks we will use a new key code for each one we manufacture for you. When used properly, this free service helps ensure that each employee carries a key unique to them. If you do not have an end user I.D. number please complete Key Charting Registration Form and submit in order to get one.

Key charting is one aspect of a successful lockout program. For advice on other aspects of setting up a safety lockout program please visit or your country's appropriate governing organization.

Keying System Documents

Key Charting Registration Form (PDF)

Chart Key Codes Spreadsheet (XLS)

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