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FAQMaster Lock Safety Products Frequently Asked Questions

Can the 1482B, 1483B, 1484B Padlock Stations be installed outside?
  Yes, though we would recommend a covered location. The padlock stations and cover are made of a UV and color stable material. If installed in direct sunlight they will eventually fade in color. They are not weather proof. We recommend you apply a combination lock or other seal to the cover latch to keep the wind from lifting the cover.

Photo ID Labels for 410 and 411 and 6835 locks - what camera do you use and how do you apply the label?
  You can use either a Polaroid or a digital camera. Print on a quality photo paper. The size of the picture should be cut to approximately 3/4" high x 3/4" wide. It is then placed under the protective laminate and the backer paper is removed exposing the adhesive. Press the laminate down over picture sealing it inside.

Are the danger labels for the 410 and 411 available in several languages?
  Yes. The 410 and 406 padlocks come standard with North American English, Spanish, and French. Other language labels available include: European Spanish, European French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Italian, Flemish/Dutch, Czech, and Polish. These other language labels are available with either a configured padlock or separately in packs of 50.

The 411 padlock comes standard with bilingual North American English/French and English/Spanish. Other language labels available include: European Spanish/English, European French/English, Mandarin Chinese/English, Russian/English, Portuguese/English, Japanese/English, German/English, Italian/English, Flemish/Dutch/English, Czech/English, and Polish/English. These other language labels are available with either a configured padlock or separately in packs of 50.

Why are there two different Zenex™ body sizes?
  The taller 411 Zenex padlock offers a larger area to write more information on. It also comes standard with bilingual labels.

How do I prevent duplicate key codes in my facility?
  Start by choosing a padlock system that offers more than enough codes for your facility. Master Lock offers padlocks that have 1400 to over 1,000,000 different codes available. The second step is to chart your system. Master Lock will keep track of every key code used in a registered system. When you add padlocks, just make sure the dealer orders them using your registration number. We then look at what codes you’ve already used and make sure the padlocks we build for this order are different. Please visit the Key Charting section.

How does Master Keying affect the number of key changes?
  Master Keying will cut the number of available key codes by a factor of 5. So if you had 100,000 codes in a regular system, a master keyed system will have 20,000 codes. If you master key a safety lockout system you want to make sure you have a clearly defined process on when and how the master key will be used.

Does Master Lock have any training aids for my employees that need training on Lockout?
  We offer the 499PR printed info on the lockout application and removal process.

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